• Good Health: Top Superfoods

    Considering some new superfood ingredients for your next product? We list some of the biggest superfood trends in vogue in 2010.

  • Tracking Packaging Innovations for PACE

    The verticals are demanding lighter and more sustainable packaging. In the lead up to the PACE USA forum, we look at two main areas where progress is being made to...

  • Carbon Reduction in the UK

    The launch of the CRC energy efficiency scheme in the UK this month has already caused uncertainty for some businesses. Alex Hawkes talks to energy consultancy firm McKinnon & Clark...

  • Kirin and Suntory Iron out Differences

    As the Japanese Fair Trade Commission calls for more information on the proposed Kirin-Suntory merger, Paul French investigates whether the deal to create one of the biggest drinks brands in...

  • Brand Building Gains PACE

    Arena International’s Packaging and Converting Executive Forum is just around the corner. Natalie Coomber looks at how the firms involved in last year’s event have built their brands over the...

  • Copenhagen – Holding the Industry to Account

    Copenhagen may not have been all environmentalists and governments had hoped for, but as Gareth Evans points out, it offered a chance for the food processing industry to investigate how...

  • A Taste of Things to Come

    Sustainable, cheap, labelled and unbranded – the jury is still out on what consumers will demand in 2010, writes Gareth Evans.


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