• Bucking the Bottled Water Backlash

    US drinking water retailer Glacier has reported an increase in revenues for 2008, bucking the trends of the global downturn. The backlash against bottled water, however, is gaining force around...

  • Canadian Food Safety

    A recent Toronto public health report has claimed one in six people in the city will suffer food poisoning each year. The costs can be high, with up to $500m...

  • Food Outlets Target Singles

    Making meals family-friendly is a long-held tradition of supermarkets and food outlets around the world. But as more people begin to live alone, targeting the singles market is proving increasingly...

  • Rubbing it up the Right Way with Shell

    Equipment coming into contact with food presents a risk when coupled with the challenge of keeping machinery safe. This month speaks with Shell's lubricant expert on why new advancements...

  • Robots Rule Packaging Processes

    With advanced capability and dexterity, the use of robots within the food packaging sector is becoming more widespread. Mike Taylor analyses the latest systems.

  • Gamma, Egg and Chips

    Food irradiation can offer an unrivalled level of sanitation for a select number of food products. However, the future of the process remains shrouded in debate and regulatory uncertainties. Alex...


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