• Developing New Markets in Food Processing

    Food processing companies across the world are looking to maximise operational efficiencies. Dr Gareth Evans investigates how technology vendors are eyeing the opportunity to develop their own export markets.

  • The Lowdown on Nanofiltration

    According to the FSA, the number of companies currently applying nanotechnologies to food in the UK could be up to 400. Across the pond in the US, the market impact...

  • Innovation Conveys Change in Packaging

    Keeping production lines running smoothly is key to efficient packaging operations. New conveying systems are helping companies within the packaging sector do just that, reports Emma Jackson.

  • The Eco-Friendly Bottle: Dream or Reality?

    Environmental campaigners have long dreamed of 100% renewable, recyclable packaging. Chris Lo examines new bottling methods to find out if the beverage industry can achieve an eco-friendly future.

  • Food Recalls of the Last Decade

    Are food standards going down or is improved quality control detecting contaminations before food reaches the consumer? Here we chart food recalls of the last decade.

  • Kraft Foods: Walking the Walk on Sustainability

    With energy consumption rising and natural resources dwindling, modern firms are expected to make profits responsibly. Chris Lo discovers how Kraft Foods is leading the food processing pack when it...

  • Elopak and the Sustainable Challenge

    Becoming a preferred supplier of the top 20 European dairy producers is no easy task. It takes technical know-how and sustainability savvy to be considered the top of the pile,...


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