• Fortified Food Micronutrients on the Frontline

    Food processing companies are making new leaps in the field of fortified foods. Malnutrition is responsible for 7% of global disease incidence and fortitifcation of foods may hold the cure....

  • Cold Comfort: Refrigerated Transport

    Keeping food cold and fresh over long distances is a tricky task. Rising to this challenge, specialists are finding better and greener ways to control temperatures on the road. Chris...

  • The Great BPA Debate

    Consumer concerns are mounting over the health issues surrounding bisphenol A (BOA) in food packaging. Chris Lo examines the differing opinions regulators and the industry hold on the matter.

  • Serving Up Alternative Sterilisation

    International trade in food continues to grow, presenting unique challenges. Changing consumer desires and the demands of public health have propelled sterilisation into the limelight as an exciting new alternative...

  • The All-Natural Debate

    The natural food market is increasing in size as consumers become more interested in their daily intake. However, as Dr Gareth Evans discovers, there is little clarity on what "natural"...

  • The Cloned Food Conundrum

    Food and animals of cloned origin could be secretly spread across supermarket shelves and farms within two years. This is according to the UK food watchdog, the Food Standards Agency...

  • Cracking It: The US Egg Recall Scandal

    A mass egg recall broke headlines in the US in August 2010. Sarah Blackman determines what technologies could be used to prevent more egg producers from landing in hot water.


ProAmpac updates child-resistant pouch product line

ProAmpac CRREO

Flexible packaging manufacturer ProAmpac has unveiled an updated range of child-resistant, reclosable, easy-open (CRREO) pouches in an expanded range of…
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