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In this issue of Inside Food, we profile the savoury snack marker, find out more about plant based desserts and learn more about the plastic strategy.

We also ask what is behind the increase of product recalls, as well as discovering whether the declining bee population could be replaced with robots.

Finally, we analyse date labels on packaging, look at insects as a source of sustainable food production and speak to small farmers about cocoa crops and production.

In this issue

A Dynamic Space: The Savoury Snack Market
The savoury snacks sector represents space for growth as consumers’ quest for efficacy and effectiveness continues and evolves, with shoppers being unwilling to compromise on the quality of their products. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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The Vegan Market: Plant Based Desserts
With the news of Ben & Jerry’s creating vegan based versions of ice cream, as well as supermarkets expanding the vegan offering that they stock, Sonia Sharma profiles the aisle of plant based desserts and new product development within this sector.
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Tackling the Issue: The Plastic Strategy
Earlier this year, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May announced a war on plastic waste, with proposed policies aimed at eliminating all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years. Eloise McLennan finds out what the food industry is doing to tackle the issue of waste plastic.
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Communicating Information: Label Legalities
Once used simply to display basic product information, labelling has become far more sophisticated over time, and consumers are increasingly relying on them in the making of their purchasing decisions. Matthew Rogerson finds out more.
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A Worldwide Shift: Profiling the Alternative Meat Market
In the past few years, there has been a global shift away from meat, with 70% of the world population reportedly either reducing meat consumption or leaving meat off the table altogether. Katie Woodward takes a closer look at the alternative meat market.
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Spotlight: Avocados
According to the American Restaurant Association, the wholesale price of avocados went up by 125% since the beginning of 2017. Callum Tyndall looks at the surge in popularity of the fruit and how the industry aims to keep up with demand.
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Food Additives: A Growing Concern
Consumers have come to expect that the food they choose from the supermarket shelves will stay fresher for longer. But as the market becomes more aware of the role of nutrition in health and well-being, there is concern about the potential risk posed by preservatives and other additives. Jim Banks finds out more.
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Digital Print: The Customisation Trend
The rapid growth and success of digital print are prompting brands to experiment with marketing – improving approval ratings and brand loyalty from consumers, a new report Smithers Pira finds out.
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In the next issue of Inside Food, we discover more about the trends in fast-moving consumer goods, find out more about free from diets and learn about the impact of the demand for natural ingredients on the supply chain.

We also examine a new food processing technology, shine the spotlight on localism and explore the world of materials.

Finally we examine the ingredient stevia and profile the probiotic market.

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