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In this issue of Inside Food, we examine the challenges to the cultured meat market, learn more about indigenous food systems and what lessons we can take from them, and discover whether or not probiotics could assist with mental health.

We also hear from Arla’s CFO about the brand’s expansion in spite of challenges, take a look at the outlook for CBD consumables in the US, and talk to the founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen about the company’s plant-based expansion.

Finally, we investigate the opportunities represented by commercial consumerism and explore how the fish industry needs to respond to consumer demands for transparency.

In this issue

Cultured meat: introducing a home-grown product to a global market

Cultured meat – sometimes known as ‘clean meat’ or ‘slaughter-free meat’ – is gaining traction as start-ups continue to unveil their latest lab-grown wares. However, a number of challenges remain when it comes to scaling up operations and bringing this new-fangled food to consumers. Joe Baker investigates.

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Indigenous food systems: providing local solutions for biodiversity and food security

Over the years, indigenous peoples have developed innovative agricultural practices that enhance food security while maintaining biodiversity and protecting the world’s natural resources. Joe Baker asks, why should we take notice of indigenous food systems, and what challenges do food producers face?

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Could probiotics be a mental health aid?

With gut health being linked to mental health, products that can affect digestion such as probiotics may offer new routes to aiding with psychiatric disorders. Callum Tyndall finds out more.

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Arla battles Brexit, Chinese regulators and added sugar

With Brexit-linked currency fluctuation just one of the headwinds European dairy giant Arla Foods has had to contend with in the last 12 months, it might be forgiven for hunkering down. As CFO Natalie Knight tells Andy Coyne however, the brand is continuing to invest and is banking on recent acquisitions and category innovation to feed growth.

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What is the outlook for the CBD consumables market in the US?

More food and beverage products containing cannabidiol, the cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high, are being launched in the US. And demand is rising. Victor Martino weighs up how the CBD consumables market could develop stateside.

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“We are revolutionising dairy products” – Miyoko’s Kitchen’s plant-based expansion

The philosophy behind Miyoko’s Kitchen is to take the traditional dairy industry by storm, offering a plant-based, organic alternative to almost every mainstream dairy product on the market. Simon Harvey speaks with founder Miyoko Schinner as the US-based business moves outside its home market for the first time and seeks to expand into the foodservice sector.

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How consumers are making sustainability a growth opportunity 

Public concern about sustainability issues has increased pressure on food companies and fuelled demand for more sustainable food products. Ben Cooper examines the commercial opportunities conscious consumerism represents.

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Why today’s consumers are questioning everything

Transparency is a growing issue for consumers, increasing consciousness about their food pushing many to question providers. Martin Fothergill, partner & co-founder of 8F, explores how the fish industry needs to respond.

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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Food we take a look at the Chinese baby formular market and the challenges presented to foreign companies by local regulations, investigate how labour abuses are still tied into the production of popular foodstuffs, and question whether tech-first meat alternatives are as good for us as media buzz suggests.

Also, we hear from the new CEO of The Meatless Farm Co. about the competitive state of the meat-free market, talk to Arla Foods’ head of digital in Finland about the company’s blockchain initiative, and argue that disruption is now the new normal in the US market.

Finally, we learn about Mars’ Seeds of Change accelerator from the company’s chief innovation officer and explore the current state of 3D food printing and what it could mean for the industry.

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