Richardson completed acquisition of European Oat Millers in UK

Canadian agriculture and food processing company Richardson International expanded its oat milling business with the acquisition of European Oat Millers in the UK.

Financial details of the deal have not been revealed by either company.

Headquartered in Bedford, European Oat Millers has been engaged in the production of oat products, including wheat and barley flakes, as well as extruded ingredients and products.

Prinova to acquire Lycored’s premix operations in UK and China

US-based food ingredients supplier Prinova agreed to acquire Lycored’s Premix operations in China and the UK.

Financial details of the transaction have not been revealed by neither company.

Prinova supplies Vitamin C, B and food grade amino acids through its distribution centres located worldwide.

Del Monte Pacific and Fresh Del Monte Produce to enter new retail and product JVs

Del Monte Pacific (DMPL) and Fresh Del Monte Produce (FDP) are set to enter into a series of new retail and product joint ventures (JVs), in order to provide more premium-quality, healthy products to consumers.

The move followed after the companies resolved differences between them with the full and final settlement of all active litigation. The litigations between the companies reflected on licensing rights and product distribution in various territories worldwide.

The partnership is expected to result in the expansion of refrigerated offerings sold across all distribution and sales channels, as well as the development of a new retail food and beverage concept.

Space-gazing technology could address world food crisis

An astrophysics professor from the UK's University of Manchester said that space-gazing technology could be used to address food-related challenges such as shortages, pest-control and climate change.

In a report published on the university’s website, Sarah Bridle tried to explain how big data and precision instrumentation expertise from fundamental research in astro, particle and nuclear physics could ensure global food security.

Highlighting parallels between astronomy and food research, she said: “For example, in my astronomy research I analyse images of galaxies from multiple observations of large areas of the sky taken at different light wavelengths from optical through to infrared."

Nestle to focus capital spending on high-growth food and beverage categories

Swiss firm Nestlé revealed that capital spending will be focused on advancing high-growth food and beverage categories, as well as expanding its presence in high-growth geographic markets.

The food and beverage categories include coffee, petcare, infant nutrition and bottled water.

This follows after the company initiated a comprehensive review of its capital structure and priorities to advance the implementation of its value creation model, which is based on the profitable growth, margin improvement and capital efficiency.

Brunel University London student develops portable food allergen testing device

A student from Brunel University London, UK, created a low-cost, portable food allergen testing device and app called Ally.

The lightweight pocket-sized device has been created by product design engineering student Imogen Adams.

This device will help allergy sufferers to carry out a quick and easy test for different food allergens.

Hain Celestial acquires Better Bean Company in US

US-based food firm Hain Celestial Group acquired Better Bean Company, a chilled prepared beans seller in Oregon.

Financial details of the acquisition, which is the first through Hain Celestial’s Cultivate Ventures platform, have not been disclosed.

The platform has been created by the company to invest in smaller portfolio brands and incubator opportunities in high-growth categories.

ABP to acquire 50% stake in UK’s Linden Foods

Irish meat processing giant ABP Food Group is set to acquire a 50% stake in Linden Foods, a UK-based meat processing business of Fane Valley.

The acquisition extends the joint venture (JV) partnership between Fane Valley Co-op and ABP Food Group.

Both companies reached an agreement in principle that is subject to approval by the relevant regulatory and competition authorities.

USDA suspends all imports of fresh beef from Brazil over safety concerns

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) suspended all imports of fresh beef products from Brazil due to safety concerns.

The suspension will remain effective until the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture takes appropriate measures that comply with the USDA’s satisfactory standards.

Since March, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has been thoroughly inspecting all Brazilian meat imports and has so far denied entry to 11% of fresh beef products from the country.

Frutarom encourages women farmers in Latin America to grow annatto

Israeli ingredient manufacturer Frutarom Natural Solutions is to collaborate with a local agriculture partner to encourage local women farmers and growers in Latin America to grow annatto in their fields.

Frutarom and its partner FoodTank will support the local farmers from plantation to education and training. Farmers will be given technical support on how to grow and harvest quality annatto.

Frutarom stated that it will buy all the harvested fresh annatto at a fair price.

Arjuna Natural Extracts opens sales office in Dallas, US

India-based Arjuna Natural Extracts opened its new sales office in Dallas, Texas, US, to better serve the North American markets with its natural preservatives line.

The new line features proprietary formulations of essential oils and oleoresins.

Its R&D team researched on a selection of botanical extracts with antimicrobial activity and then tested them in food and beverage applications. The resulting ingredients indicated effective antrimicrobial activity and shelf extension characteristics, without causing any impact on flavour or mouthfeel.