Tesco to use cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified sources by end of 2018

UK-based retailer Tesco announced that it will use cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified sources for its own label chocolate products sold in UK by the end of 2018.

The company also added that the cocoa used in other Tesco UK products such as cereals, biscuits, cakes, and desserts will be responsibly sourced by the same time period.

Tesco claimed that this new initiative is part of its efforts to build trusted partnerships with its suppliers and also to ensure more of its products are sourced sustainably.

Tesco chief product officer Jason Tarry said: “Our customers want to be reassured that we treat farmers and growers well and that the foods they buy are sourced responsibly.

“Our collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance will help to support cocoa farmers improve their livelihoods and ensure we are offering great sustainable and affordable products.

“This is just one of a number of initiatives, which will help us build trusted partnerships with our suppliers and enable us to serve shoppers a little better every day.”

Unilever and Hubbub initiate Joint Ambition for a Zero Food Waste Britain


Global consumer goods company Unilever collaborated with social enterprise charity Hubbub to launch a new initiative known as Joint Ambition for a Zero Food Waste Britain.

Supported by The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the initiative was developed after conducting consultations with approximately 240 organisations, as well as through public polling conducted with approximately 2,000 households.

It aims to address food waste issues at a consumer, business and policy level.

The Joint Ambition is built on five core principles, namely collaboration between organisations from all sectors to reduce household food waste, communication and create awareness among people for a wider environmental, social and financial impact of food.

The remaining principles are aimed towards the skills and knowledge required to enable people to get maximum value from food, and consistency for food waste collection systems across the UK.

Food ingredients firm Ohly launches maple syrup powder

Global yeast extract supplier Ohly launched its new specialty maple syrup powder to provide food manufacturers and consumers access to flavour components.

The product will be part of its ProDry range that offer maple syrup flavour and sweetness as a free-flowing powder.

Ohly Americas general manager Jay Wickeham said: “The response to the maple syrup powder from existing customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Canadian maple syrup is distinctive and popular, it’s a flavour that really delights consumers and is a powerful addition to Seasonings in order to improve them with sweetness and depth.”

Mondelez International to enter China’s $2.8bn chocolate market


American snack food maker Mondelez International announced plans to enter the $2.8bn Chinese chocolate market by launching its Milka brand in September.

The company also plans to introduce its other confectionary products and access the China's growing demand for chocolate.

The development is expected to enhance and accelerate the company’s growth plan.

Mondelez International chief growth officer Tim Cofer said: “When we launched our growth plan last year, we said we'd focus on geographic white spaces where we could accelerate the growth of our core categories and power brands.

“This is a perfect example of that plan in action,  launching a snacking category where we're already a world leader into an emerging market where we have an established, successful presence.

EnWave to install REV machinery at Canada's Ultima Foods processing plant

Canada-based company EnWave extended its technology evaluation and licence option agreement with fresh dairy product manufacturer Ultima Foods.

As part of the extended agreement, the next phase of development would feature installation of radiant energy vacuum (REV) machinery in an Ultima processing facility in Quebec.

To be installed in its plant for a period of six months, the machinery will help Ultima to refine their product applications and target potential commercialisation next year.

Ireland’s Greencore acquires Sandwich Factory from Cranswick

Irish primary and prepared foods manufacturer Greencore Group acquired UK-based company The Sandwich Factory from Cranswick.

Greencore will be paying approximately £15m, which is subject to adjustment post completion in relation to levels of working capital and net debt, and will be funded from existing debt facilities.

According to the deal, the transaction is expected to be neutral to earnings in the 2016 fiscal year and accretive thereafter.

Dannon to introduce non-GMO yoghurt range


Danone subsidiary Dannon plans to introduce a new non-genetically modified organism (GMO) yoghurt range under the Dannon and Oikos brands in the US.

The company claimed that its new yoghurt contains natural and non-GMO ingredients, and in future, all its products containing GMO ingredients will be clearly labelled as such, independent of actions taken by the federal government.

Dannon CEO Mariano Lozano said: "Shoppers are our main ingredient, and what is important to them drives what we do. For this reason, the range of products we make is evolving to provide even more choices."

ConAgra Foods sells its JM Swank and Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings businesses

North American packaged food company ConAgra Foods completed the sale of its JM Swank and Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings businesses.

Ingredient sourcing and distribution unit JM Swank was acquired by US-based Platinum Equity and Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings was bought by Swiss seasonings group Givaudan for $340m.

The sale agreement with Givaudan also included the transition of approximately 280 employees, as well as facilities in Cranbury, New Jersey, and Carol Stream, Illinois, US.

UK firm Fera Science launches new service OriGen to trace foodborne bacteria

UK-based joint private/public sector venture Fera Science launched its new OriGen service to allow food manufacturers to find the exact origin of foodborne bacteria.

OriGen is a process that uses whole genome sequencing (WGS) to identify the root cause of the bacterial contamination in food products, which helps manufacturers deal with the problem properly.

The new service collects samples from the product supply and processing chain to identify the precise source of a contamination using WGS.

India’s Herb Nutriproducts introduces natural resourced plant formulations

Indian organic tea manufacturer Herb Nutriproducts introduced plant-based formulations and food supplements under its Pure Nutrition brand.

The company offers a wide range of products, which includes natural foods, supplements and herbal infusions, containing natural nutrients to treat complex ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney complications, as well as weight-related ailments.

The plant-based formulations are expected to help prevent and heal several ailments and diseases, as well as improve body immunity.

Herbs Nutriproduct founder and director Luke Coutinho said: “Pure Nutrition is offering a gamut of services to a vast number of patients with the forte of improving their lifestyle.