Barry Callebaut acquires Mondelez chocolate production facility in Belgium

High-quality chocolate and cocoa product manufacturer Barry Callebaut acquired the Mondelez International production facility in Halle, Belgium.

The deal was closed after the consultations were completed with the council, and closing conditions were fulfilled.

The Halle factory was integrated into Barry Callebaut’s global manufacturing network, resulting in increased production capacity.

Nestlé Health Science introduces Compleat Family of Tube-Feeding Formulas in US

Nestlé Health Science introduced a new and improved Compleat family of tube-feeding formulas for adults and children.

The company has added that its three formulas, namely Compleat, Compleat Pediatric and Compleat Pediatric Reduced Calorie, include a variety of ingredients from real foods, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Nestlé Health Science medical nutrition business medical affairs director Carol Siegel said: “For over 40 years, the Compleat family of formulas has been trusted as a consistent nutrition solution that includes ingredients from real foods."

Fonterra develops new butter product

Fonterra’s research and development centre and its global NZMP ingredients business developed a new white butter product.

The move is part of the company's aim to meet the growing demand for white butter in the Middle East.

This market is already is reported to be familiar with Fonterra’s butter product for its golden appearance, but certain manufacturers have been demanding white butter as a processing ingredient.

DuPont Nutrition & Health to enhance cultures manufacturing capacity in Europe

DuPont Nutrition & Health announced plans to further expand the manufacturing capacities of its facilities in Sassenage and Epernon, France, as well as Niebüll, Germany.

The company will be investing $60m into the expansion of the three cultures production sites as the demand has been increasing for the frozen and freeze-dried starter cultures from the global yogurt, fresh fermented and cheese markets.

DuPont Nutrition & Health president Matthias Heinzel said: “These initiatives for European cultures plants will further increase our ability to serve the growing global dairy market."

EBRD offers €10m in long-term financing to Greek firm Loulis Mills

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) approved €10m in long-term financing to Greek flour milling company Loulis Mills.

With the loan, EBRD completed its first transaction in the region's agribusiness sector.

The funding will be used as additional working capital, as well as to refinance part of Loulis Mills's existing and maturing debt obligations.

OmniActive acquires major stake in Indfrag

Global ingredient supplier OmniActive Health Technologies acquired an 85% stake in India-based health and nutrition company Indfrag.

The company also signed definitive agreements to acquire the balance stake. Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed by either company.

According to the agreement, OmniActive Health Technologies will acquire all products related to Indfrag's Food & Nutrition business.

Arjuna Natural Extracts preservative to enhance shelf-life of chilled-meat

India-based Arjuna Natural Extracts introduced X-tend, a formulation-specific preservative designed to increase chilled-meat product shelf-life and ensure food safety.

Synthetic preservatives are usually used in chilled meats that contain nitrates. These can generate nitrosamines, which are suspected of increasing cancer risk.

Formed from myoglobin and nitric oxide during curing, nitrosomyoglobin is accountable for the red colour in cured meats associated with freshness.

BRF’s subsidiary OneFoods commences commercial operations

Global food company BRF announced that its OneFoods subsidiary has started commercial operations, which will focus on the halal meat market.

Previously known as Sadia Halal, OneFoods is reported to operate in an estimated market of 1.8 billion people, whose economic and demographic growth exceeds the global average.

BRF Global CEO Pedro Faria said: “By creating a local company to consolidate our operations in Islamic markets, we moved further up the production chain to get closer to our consumers, which should support the accelerated growth of OneFoods.”

Gold Frost extends distribution arrangement with Arla Foods

Israel-based kosher dairy foods company Gold Frost extended its exclusive distribution agreement with Danish dairy producer Arla.

The extension will be valid for one year and will be effective from 29 December last year until 31 December this year.

Gold Frost CEO Iram Graiver said: “We are pleased that Arla, one of the biggest producer of dairy products in the world, has demonstrated its confidence in us."

Sovos Brands acquires Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods

Advent International company Sovos Brands completed the acquisition of Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods, a US-based producer of frozen Italian entrées.

The acquisition of Michael Angelo's is reported to be the first investment made by the Sovos Brands, which focuses on the acquisitions in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

Sovos Brands president and CEO Todd Lachman said: "Michael Angelo's is a highly authentic, great-tasting, frozen Italian entrée brand well-respected in the industry for its clean-label offering."