Issue 9

In the latest issue of Inside Food, we find out how nutritious snacking throughout the day is becoming ever more popular, as well as profiling Pots & Co who are standing out in the dessert aisle with their ceramic pudding pots.

We also learn how about the gluten free supergrain Teff, discover the journey of the doughnut, explore the exciting world of 3D printers in cooking and speak to industry experts about protected status products.

Moreover, we delve into the exotic world of wild ingredients that are increasingly being found on our menus, as well as finding out how PepsiCo rebranded their Sunbites product.

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In this issue

Out of Hours
As the boundaries between ‘conventional’ mealtimes blur due to increasing hectic schedules, nutritious snacking throughout the day has become more common. Sonia Sharma explores this new nibble wave.
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Perfectly Potted Puddings
In a dessert market crowded with newcomers, Pots & Co stands out with its range of handmade puddings in ceramic pots. Stephanie Phillips speaks to founder Julian Dyer to find out more about this vibrant company.
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The New Supergrain
Teff, the gluten free grain packed with high levels of nutrients, is set to take the world by storm. Matt Burgess looks at its growth and speaks to one of its retailers.
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Serving up a Treat
Next in the long line of sugary treats to become trendy are doughnuts. Charlotte Richardson Andrews discovers that the fried treats have evolved and are now filled with exotic ingredients and transformed into new, hybrid creations.
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Hands Free Cooking
3D printing is a hot topic that is rapidly growing especially in the food industry. As manufacturers prepare to make 3D food printers available to the public, Margot Knight asks whether 3D printers will become a common kitchen appliance.
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Best of British
As more UK products received protected food name status this year, Stephanie Phillips speaks to industry experts to find out how protected status products can boost the UK economy.
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Into the Wild
As British food develops and becomes more complex, Sonia Sharma investigates how wild and natural ingredients are being integrated into our daily meals.
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The End of Eating
What if eating was an option? Rob Rhinehart, creator of food substitute Soylent, eats purely for fun and social occasions, and he thinks everyone else should too. Margot Knight investigates his controversial claims.
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Changing the Message
When PepsiCo wanted to rebrand its Sunbites product Ziggurat Brands prompted the company to break out of the traditional healthy, tasty model. Adrian Collins, managing director of Ziggurat Brands, discusses the rebrand.
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Next issue preview

The predicted heat wave in the UK this summer is only good news for the ice cream industry. We speak to ice cream manufacturers to find out how they plan to add a bit of sparkle to the industry.

Also, we take a look at the new on trend grain freekah, speak to Blue Hill Farm about their unconventional savoury yoghurts, discover the gastronomic potential of hemp and discover a new technique that completely dries out natural cheese to create a new crunchy, nutritious snack.

Moreover, we discover why offal has made a welcome return to UK restaurants, investigate the one pot ready meal trend and discuss why as government and health advisors call to reduce salt, consumers are seeking spicier flavour profiles to replace the taste of salt.

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