Issue 3

Ginger has long made a jump from Asian foods into international cuisine. We find out how manufacturers are coming up with new flavourings and applications for the popular root. We also look at how new consumer trends and demands are shaping Eastern fusion cuisine.

Moreover, we explore the appeal of glow in the dark sushi, find out how operators can navigate through the dairy crisis and make cheese profitable on the menu, and look at the importance of sustainability in today’s fish and seafood choices.

We also find out which products are making the most of the ever-popular chocolate, look at a new edible food packaging concept, and investigate the food flavourings banned under new EU rulings.

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In this issue

Futuristic Food
‘Stop and Glow,’ ‘Kryptonite’ and ‘Not-in-California’ are dishes based on a new glow in the dark sushi. We investigate whether fluorescent transgenic foods could become part of mainstream food culture in future.
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A Ginger Revival
No longer only associated with Asian cuisine, ginger has become the ingredient of choice for many new consumer foods. Inside Food takes a look at the root’s virtues and its popular new applications.
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The Spice Trail
Consumers’ love of Indian cuisine still influences menus, but operators need to keep re-evaluating their offers to make sure they take in the trends that will satisfy diners.
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The Big Cheese
The price of cheese may continue to rise but by taking note of trends and using their imagination, caterers can make it profitable.
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Balancing Act
Rocketing prices and health issues continue to be the key factors in the dairy industry that caterers have to weigh up in their kitchens.
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A Fair Catch
The debate about sustainability and full traceability continues to rule fish and seafood choices. Inside Food asks the experts how knowing what can be served helps to keep diners satisfied.
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Sweet Success
Chocolate is one of those commodities that is irresistible to consumers and one that operators can use to the best advantage on their menus.
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Safer Flavour
The European Union has created a list of food flavourings approved for food manufacturing, banning seven in the process. We profile the banned flavourings and finds out how the industry has received these new rulings.
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Good Enough to Eat
A new edible and biodegradable skin that protects food in a similar way to how nature protects an orange will be launching in 2013. Inside Food investigates how this tasty and eco-friendly concept could boost sustainability in food packaging.
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Next issue preview

Chilled foods look set to benefit from a revolutionary new approach to shelf-life extension. We take a look at the Sustainable Shelf-Life Extension project to find out how gentler heating processes can extend shelf-lives while retaining flavours, and explore other research in the area.

We also ask how a newly developed mini spectrometer could pave the way for instant food quality analysis using smartphones equipped with near infrared technology.

Moreover, we ask what the future will hold for the increasingly popular ‘Free From’ foods, explore the appeal and business opportunities of eastern fusion cuisine, and look at new uses of tea as an ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes.

We also find out about new training opportunities for food scientists and about the UK Government’s plan to boost the farming industry and career opportunities in farming.

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