Issue 12

Smoked flavours are back with a vengeance. We find out how companies are creating interesting taste sensations and speak to researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València about biodegradable films.

In the latest Inside Food, we get an inside look at the world of robotic technology and how companies could use it to speed up the production line, as well as profiling the millennial generation and finding out the truth behind the global cocoa shortage.

Moreover, we ask how the industry is catering to the vegan market, learn more about a new master’s course that is addressing a skills gap in the industry and explore the evolution of the humble table salt.

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In this issue

Smoke It Out
The industry is developing an appetite for smoked flavours as food firms are starting to experiment with non-traditional foods. Sonia Sharma finds out how smoked flavours are being used to create exciting new taste sensations.
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Edible Coatings
Researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) have developed an edible coating for cheese that has an antimicrobial capacity. Stephanie Phillips speaks to Professor Chelo González about how the biodegradable films could replace piramicin coatings.
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The Rise of Robotics
Interest in robotic technology has increased in recent years as companies discover new ways to speed up the production line. Charlotte Richardson Andrews speaks to John Rainer, regional sales manager at Fanuc UK, to get an inside view.
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Millennial Mind
As a new generation of consumers with spending power and a growing disposable income, millennials, consumers under 30, are hot property but who are they and what do they want. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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Running Out?
A flurry of media reports last year led consumers and industry movers to believe that the global market was in for a cocoa shortage, but were the rumours correct? Charlotte Richardson Andrews investigates.
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Full Speed Ahead
With growth in veganism showing no signs of slowing down, Margot Knight asks how the industry can better serve vegans and make the most of this expanding market.
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Back to School
A new master’s course addresses a skills gap in the industry. Margot Knight speaks to industry liaison manager Fi Thompson to find out how the course combines food with business, and why.
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Just a Pinch
Salt, one of the most common accompaniments to a meal, is re-establishing its importance in the development of a dish. Stephanie Phillips investigates the evolution of the humble table salt.
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Next issue preview

Functional food products are making their mark across the industry, and now they are boldly being cemented in the confectionary market. We take a look at the ‘beauty’ sweets and chocolates that have been released.

In the next issue of Inside Food we find out how the coconut water craze has moved into coconut chips, look at how the popularity of Japanese cuisine along with the ongoing vegan trend has pushed seaweed into the forefront, profile the rise of gourmet food vans and learn about the goat meat business.

Moreover, we discover the role of fermentation in the industry, explore healthy ice creams and speak to experts about how health and wellness are driving product development in superfruits and berries.

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