Issue 10

In the latest issue of Inside Food, we find out what the world’s most expensive meals are and take a look at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair that was held in London earlier this year.

We also learn how about the ancient grain called freekeh, discover how yoghurts are taking a savoury turn, explore how ice cream is becoming adventurous and find out more about the controversial world of hemp.

Moreover, we look at the new technology that dehydrates cheese to create a crunchy snack, profile the return of offal, assess lunch time meal options, as well as finding out how the spice trend could end the salt epidemic.

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In this issue

The World’s Most Expensive Meals
What if you decided to only eat the most expensive meals? What would you start with first? Take a look at our handy infographic, supplied by Finances Online, as we look at the most expensive dishes in the world.
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Down at the Fair
The Speciality & Fine Food Fair took place in London in September 2014 and was as successful as previous years. Inside Food visited the fair to find out what makes it so special.
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The Ancient Grain
The green Middle Eastern-grown wheat, freekeh, has been used for millennia in its native region but rarely outside the area. Sonia Sharma finds out more about the grain set to enter kitchens in the UK.
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Savouring the Flavour
As the trend for healthier yoghurts with more substance increases, more brands have taken this as a cue to experiment with savoury flavours in unusual ways. Stephanie Phillips finds out more about Blue Hill Farm’s unconventional yoghurts.
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Sundae Surprise
Refreshing flavours and tantalising toppings have seen the standard ’99’ fall to the way side as more daring combinations take over. Stephanie Phillips looks at how manufacturers are adding a bit of excitement to the industry all year round.
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Healthy Happy Hemp
In the US, it’s illegal to grow hemp. Margot Knight finds out why Tara Miko, owner of Happy Hemp, believes it’s the most nutritious, balanced food source on our planet as well as the most misunderstood.
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Out of this World
A scrumptious new nibble has landed on Planet Earth and it looks set to transform our view of cheese. Sonia Sharma profiles the imaginative Moon Cheese.
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Offal Makes a Comeback
Along with traditional dishes, offal has had a welcome return to UK restaurants and pubs as consumers seek out indulgent meals they cannot easily make at home. Charlotte Richardson Andrews finds out more.
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Conveniently Healthy
Trying to balance healthy eating with a busy schedule can be difficult. At a time when eating at desks is common practice, Margot Knight asks what lunchtime options employees have today.
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Not Even a Pinch
At the same time that Americans are reportedly consuming around three times more sodium than current recommendations, a trend for spice is developing around the globe. Margot Knight asks if spice is the solution to the salt epidemic.
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Next issue preview

A superfood has come into prominence to sit alongside the goji berry, quinoa and many others. Inside Food looks at the rise of the aronia berry.

Also, we discover why the Canadian dish Poutine has become so popular, find out the latest trends at the Speciality Chocolate Fair and take a look how Japanese cuisine is taking over the food industry.

We ask why brands are taking reinvigorated approach to jams and relishes and speak to industry experts to discover the benefits of using seasonal produce.

Moreover, we profile Rubies in the Rubble who manufacture using fruit and vegetable surplus and, finally, we discover new flavour solutions that are devised to enhance taste and block bitterness.

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