FDI drivers and political stability

5 August 2020

Tech, media and telecoms FDI slumps as Covid effect takes hold

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all areas of FDI, with the technology, media and telecoms sector seeing M&A activity drop sharply in the first half of 2020, writes Lara Williams.

4 August 2020

Offshore wind projects bring hope to Japan on FDI attraction

Japan has historically attracted modest volumes of inward foreign direct investment but its nascent offshore wind market has attracted interest, writes Jon Whiteaker.

3 August 2020

Unctad report shows slow and uneven progress on gender equality in MNEs

The world’s leading multinational enterprises are improving their gender equality reporting and policies. However, large gaps remain, especially in parts of the developing world and transition economies, according to Unctad’s...

31 July 2020

Egypt’s international cooperation minister looks to make an opportunity out of a crisis

Dr Rania Al-Mashat, Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation, tells Sebastian Shehadi how the pandemic has accelerated change in the country, especially in terms of gender policy. Sebastian Shehadi: What positive...

30 July 2020

Investors see ESG-compliant projects as safe havens: deVere report

As investors exercise ever-greater caution amid the Covid-19 pandemic, investments that meet ESG criteria are rising in popularity due to their less risky nature, according to a new report. By...

29 July 2020

Sustainable investing brings foreign investors to Brazil

Brazil’s sustainable and impact investing landscape has been increasingly appearing on the radars of foreign investors in recent years. Viola Caon assesses which sectors present the greatest opportunities for such...