The Future of Foodservice in Germany to 2016

The German foodservice market is one of the largest markets in Europe with a reported value of €83,484.0m in 2011. The German foodservice market was adversely affected by the recession in the German economy and a declining population in the country in 2009.

Nonetheless, the market is expected to recover between 2012 and 2016, reflecting the growing number of households in the country, the rise in the number of women in the workplace, a shift towards fast food from formal meal occasions and the development of healthier and more nutritious eating habits. During the forecast period, the German foodservice market is also expected to be supported by the diversification of taste preferences in Germany towards international cuisines such as Asian, Italian, Indian and American food.

The German foodservice sector grew in value from €81,931.3m in 2006 to €83,484.0m in 2011, which represented a CAGR of 0.38% during the five-year period. Moreover, the sector's per-capita sales increased from €995.3 in 2006 to €1020.3 in 2011, which represented a CAGR of 0.50% during the same period.

During the review period, increased tourism inflows into the country, high per-capita incomes, increasing awareness of nutritious food, and changing demographics supported growth in the German foodservice market.

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