Sandvik Steel Conveyor Belts – Schröders Fleisch Case Study

Stainless-steel belts were, for many years, the conveying material of choice for a multitude of processing and handling applications in the food processing industry, in particular meat cutting/processing systems.

While their use declined as a result of the introduction of cheaper belt materials, this trend is now showing clear signs of reversing as the meat processing industry rediscovers the exceptional hygienic properties of the steel belt. And alongside the ease of cleaning that ensures no risk of cross contamination, processors are also experiencing the benefits of better space utilisation and excellent plant availability.

One such company is Schröders Fleisch in Willich, Germany, a medium-sized family-owned enterprise. The primary activity of this long-established company is the dismembering of mainly fresh prime-quality beef. The company has recently commissioned a conveying line furnished by ITEC and equipped with a Sandvik steel conveyor belt and other Sandvik components. The conveyor serves as connecting link between the dismembering lines and the packaging lines.

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