Ice Cold Luxury – Seven Premium Solutions for All Types of Ice Cream

Palsgaard offers a variety of emulsifier and stabilizer solutions for ice cream manufacturing.

Palsgaard ExtruIce 252 is a highly functional emulsifier and stabilizer system for use in premium ice cream. Palsgaard ExtruIce 274 is a unique product specially developed for use in extruded ice cream but which also works well in other ice cream applications such as standard ice cream, soft ice cream, yogurt ice cream and diabetic ice cream. Palsgaard ExtruIce 304 is a suitable solution when a lean label system is required.

Palsgaard MouldIce 155 is a very uniform product with stable performance in the production of moulded ice cream. Palsgaard MouldIce 156 is a unique product specially developed to counteract the many variations seen in the handling of soft ice mixes. Palsgaard MouldIce 164 offers a solution that gives a firm ice cream coming out of the freezer as well as providing a very rich, creamy and warm eating ice cream with excellent melting and heat shock resistance.

Palsgaard IceTriple 103 adds an extremely smooth and creamy sensation to ice cream, and offers great opportunities for reducing costs in a very competitive market.

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