NACC Business Sustainability Consultation Services and Development for the Food Processing Industry

NACC provides business consultancy services with a focus on developing and implementing sustainability practices.

The world of business in food and related technologies requires its supply chain and partners to demonstrate their credentials in environmental sustainability.

With more than 50 years of experience, the company’s global network of partners works with clients of all sizes in a wide range of industries, including the food processing sector. Its staff is familiar with current and emerging trends in sustainability practices, utilising comprehensive assessment tools to identify areas of improvement and developing optimisation strategies.

NACC also conducts professional development programmes.

Sustainable leadership programme and  consultation services

The Sustainable Leadership programme is a learning and development workshop for managers. It comprises individual coaching and in-business project implementation with a variety of learning tools and resources.

NACC uses a positive approach to build confidence and quickly finds a solution to learning challenges.

The company was part of the consultation process for creating the Sustainable Business Roadmap, a detailed guideline for developing sustainable organisations that was developed by the government.

NACC has since modified the document and developed additional resources.

Tools for sustainability reporting, assessment and optimisation

NACC’s Green Street sustainability tool allows businesses to assess their current level of sustainability. A Green Street Score (GSS) is calculated, which provides suggestions for improvement.

Green Street operates as a social network and is one of five resources endorsed by the UN Global Compact Cities programme.

NACC’s Sustainability Perception and Reporting Tool (SPART) is a web-based solution that surveys and tracks the views of customers, staff and other stakeholders regarding changes in sustainability action in businesses and organisations.

The tool uses survey items that are selected by businesses from the Global Reporting Initiative.

Eco-efficiency development tool

NACC is licensed to deliver the ecoBiz Toolbox, a signature programme that is endorsed by the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management.

ecoBiz helps businesses develop their eco-efficiency and improve environmental performance.

ISO: 14001 environmental management systems

NACC designs and implements internationally endorsed and ISO: 14001 compliant environmental management systems.

The company also utilises a custom-built implementation process that develops creative staff and manager capacity, while ensuring clinical accreditation compliance.

Workplace sustainability preparation programme and workshop

NACC’s workplace sustainability preparation programme is designed to prepare staff to guide and support activities.

The Building a Sustainable Business workshop highlights four practical guidelines to help workplaces gain a thorough understanding of sustainability issues and techniques.

NACC’s Howard Nielsen was one of the first people in Australia to be accredited to facilitate The Natural Step train-the-trainer programmes, which is an internationally recognised set of system conditions for sustainability. NACC’s conducts its workshops over three hours, one day or two days.

Sustainable procurement policy and practice

NACC’s innovative and simple decision-making tool aims to enable sustainable procurement.

It adheres with the Global Reporting Initiative benchmarks, UN Global Compact Principles and The Natural Step system.

Games and social events for sustainability training

NACC has developed a Sustainability Cafe or Green Street Cafe style workshop that engages staff, clients and other professionals to learn about sustainability practices.

A highlight includes the Who wants to be a Sustainability Zillionaire game that was developed by NACC and Credos Associates.

About NACC

NACC utilises a comprehensive range of resources to support the development and implementation of suitability practices. Its accredited sustainable leadership programmes and environmental management systems are designed to be easily accessible to professionals in a wide variety of applications.

The company has online sustainability networking tools to connect organisations and individuals. It works closely with workplaces and communities to provide specialist consultancy services.

NACC also supports and motivates leaders that meet social, environmental and economic requirements.

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