Gerstenberg Schröder Crystallised and Emulsified Food Processing Equipment

Gerstenberg Schröder (GS), which is an SPX brand, is internationally recognised as a leading manufacturer of high quality machinery and process lines for the food industry. We specialise in processing equipment for the manufacturing of all kinds of crystallised or emulsified food products and products that require thermal treatment.

Fat crystallisation line

The GS lines of equipment cover high-pressure pumps and scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE), called Nexus, Perfector, Kombinator and Consistator®. GS has a unique know-how within SSHE technology and customers worldwide profit from the consistent product quality that is achieved on the Nexus, Perfector and Kombinator equipment.

The SSHE is the heart of the crystallisation line and with the flexible Nexus, Perfector and Kombinator you can produce everything from margarine, shortening and low fat spreads to butter and butter blends. The Consistator® can be used for a variety of other products that require thermal processing. With the GS SSHE programme you can easily optimise existing production, respond quickly to changes in the market place and expand your operation whenever the need arises.

Emulsifying equipment

GS has also designed emulsifying equipment for continuous production on which you can produce a wide range of emulsified fine food products such as mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, salsa and ketchup.

Thermal processes

The Consistator® allows you to heat, chill and crystallise delicate and heat-sensitive products and on this type of SSHE you are able to produce a wide range of products such as cake frosting, cream cheese, yoghurt, fruit concentrate, ketchup, starch products and deboned meat.

Engineering plants

GS has a long tradition in developing exclusive solutions for the oils and fats industry. When you choose GS engineering solutions you will get more than just complete modern processing lines; you can get a full-range package of services from plant architecture to final commissioning. GS has installed numerous continuous production plants all over the world, e.g. margarine, shortening, puff pastry and mayonnaise plants.

Process control system

Our GS Logic control system is designed to control, record, and document important parameters regarding the production process. Parameters such as recipe formulation, capacity, product pressure, product temperatures and motor load can be controlled at specific stages of the process in order to achieve the highest quality final product. GS Logic has already been successfully installed in several production facilities and is functioning to complete satisfaction.

Scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) pilot plants

GS has fully equipped SSHE pilot plants in Copenhagen where our experienced food technologists will assist you. The pilot plant facilities are available to you to do test runs at very reasonable costs. Alternatively, you can purchase a pilot plant for in-house installation.

GS has developed pilot plants for crystallised fat products and for emulsified food products like mayonnaise, sauces and dressings. Furthermore, pilot plants are available for thermal processes such as heating, cooling, pasteurisation and sterilisation of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

These small-scale production facilities enable you to process small samples of new product formulations under exactly the same conditions as those in production. Thus, you can focus on research, development and testing without disrupting current production. All GS pilot plants are easy to operate with the GS Logic control system where all recipes and data are collected and stored.

On our web site you can download various technology articles with details about different products.


Standard spare parts to our entire equipment range are available in stock, and special parts can be made to order. This ensures high production safety, less downtime, maximum lifespan of existing components and continuous upgrades to the very latest components. Our GS service agreement promises complete peace of mind including yearly inspections and regular on-site maintenance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We have offices and sales representatives across the world and on our web you will always be able to find a helping hand near you.

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Energy Efficient System to be Designed to Reduce Processing Plant’s Annual Water and Power Consumption

SPX Corporation announced that its flow technology segment has been awarded a contract valued at over $10 million to custom design and install a fully automated, continuous margarine and butter processing system at the new Tine Jaeren plant insouthwest Norway. The system will utilize the technolo

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