APV SPX Process Components and Plants for the Food and Beverage Industry

The SPX portfolio includes a wide range of APV branded products, systems and technologies, such as heat transfer (aseptic and non-aseptic), membrane filtration, UHT treatment, cheese production systems, distillation, mixing and blending technologies designed to operate at maximum efficiencies in modern processing lines within the dairy, food, beverage and related industries around the world.

Off-the-shelf and customised process plants and automation solutions

SPX’s APV brand celebrated its first 100 years in 2010. Founded in the UK by Dr Richard Seligman in 1910 as the Aluminium Plant & Vessel Company, APV initially manufactured welded vessels for the brewery and vegetable oil industries and has pioneered ground-breaking technologies during the course of a century, setting standards of the modern processing industry.

Long-life process plants and automation solutions

Common to all APV branded products is uncompromising design and engineering, full compliance with all relevant international standards, long service life, production efficiency and cost-effective performance.

World-leading UHT and membrane filtration systems

The APV branded systems and technologies are world leading within advanced UHT and membrane filtration processes, cheese systems, dairy, food, butter, beverage and brewery technology, as well as general processing technology.

Skid-mounted process plants

For new or replacement plants, the newly released FX Systems range of self-contained, skid-mounted process plants offers ‘plug and produce’ convenience and the shortest possible time to production.

Innovative solutions for mixing and dispersing

SPX has added an innovative new modular process technology to its family of mixing and dispersing equipment. The new APV Cavitator offers breakthrough benefits for heating liquids without scale build-up, as well as providing solutions for many of the most difficult mixing and dispersing challenges for food and beverage processing.

Revolutionising cleaning and sanitation procedures

SPX offers sustainable, natural disinfection technology for food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical process equipment. The APV FX SafeWater plants are supplied as complete automated skid-mounted units, which are part of SPX Factory Express (FX) Systems’ high-quality, skid-mounted, ‘plug and produce’ application solution platforms. They are designed for dairy, beverage and food manufacturers all over the world, who require reduced lead-time for delivery of high-quality, low risk solutions for plant upgrades or extensions.

Food and beverage industry process components

The necessity to deliver consistently safe, high-quality end products requires manufacturers to make plant hygiene a top priority. APV branded process components are designed for easy and effective cleaning / CIP, while minimising the use of valuable resources such as energy.

Automated process components and systems for the food and dairy industry

Current markets are very challenging for food and beverage producers with higher expectations for greater production versatility, quality and hygienic standards, together with lower production costs. These are critical in a customer-driven environment.

In addition, high efficiency and accurate control of production processes and compliance with food handling regulations, such as food safety and traceability, is a must in today’s modern plant.

Many of our products have built-in intelligence for improved efficiency and total integration with modern control systems that meet international standards.

Service network for food industry process plants and automation systems

Our products are supported by a network of skilled service technicians dedicated to ensuring that customer needs are being met with great care. Our focus is always on prediction and prevention. We work with our customers to perform cost-effective plant management and help avoid unscheduled downtime, and our proactive service solutions and high level of support improve our customers’ return on investment.

Innovation centres for new product development

For new product developments, our innovation centres cooperate closely with customers from around the world in order to provide a constant stream of innovative, world-class solutions that add decisive competitive value to their businesses.

Important keywords for the centres are innovation, optimum plant dimensioning, high-quality products and up-to-date knowledge of market requirements.

The trials in the innovation centres are custom-tailored and can be performed in the centres or on each customer’s site. All work on behalf of individual customers is subject to the strictest confidentiality and the highest standard of customer service.


SPX Flow Technology are highly focused on and committed to act sustainably and deliver environmental solutions to the industry that goes beyond the requirements and customer expectations in value and return through a focus on waste prevention and loss reduction, reuse of resources, improved value of raw materials, water and energy reduction, product safety and security and social responsibility.

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