Cleensonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Cleensonic is an ultrasonic cleaning and solution technology provider for the food processing industry.

In the food industry, Cleensonic equipment is used to remove oil, grease, waste and encrustations from baking trays, filters and complex production machinery parts. The company prides itself on being the first choice for industrial ultrasonic process applications and cleaning, rinsing and drying equipment, maintaining client satisfaction across a broad range of industries.

Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for food processing equipment

Cleensonic’s UltraTecno is a unique ultrasonic cleaning solution which delivers highly efficient cavitation for powerful and homogenous cleaning results. It is made with robust, stainless-steel to ensure a long lifetime and features a large, multi-language touch screen for easy control.

While UltraTecno provides users with 28kHz cleaning power, Cleensonic’s patented ARF technology can reduce noise emissions to less than 78dB[A]. Treatment takes between ten and 45 minutes with no operator presence needed, cutting labour costs by up to 80%.

With the single tank ACM and ICM models, the treated parts are immersed into cleaning solution either on the tank’s platform (ACM) or its small parts baskets (ICM). Following the completion of the ultrasonic cleaning process, parts are removed from the tank, rinsed with water and dried.

UltraTecno Green Label increases the equipment’s efficiency and optimises energy use. Environmentally friendly features such as ECO Mode, electrical consumption monitors and programmable heating timers can provide users with up to 75% reductions in running costs.

Tabletop ultrasonic cleaning for precision smart parts applications

The same high-performance ultrasonic technology has been transferred from Cleensonic’s industrial tanks to a line of tabletop units ideal for the laboratory. Ranging from 2l to 26l in capacity, the tabletop range offers precision ultrasonic cleaning perfect for small parts.

Features include a lift-off cover, digital temperature display and adjustable cleaning time, as well as an adjustable 20°C-80°C bath temperature and ultrasonic cleaning power.

Flexible ultrasonic multistage systems for repetitive cleaning

Cleensonic’s UltraTecno technology is also available as a custom complete system, with additional rinse and dry tanks connected to the ACM/ICM ultrasonic tank and adjusted for the wash, rinse and drying conditions required.

The rinsing tank uses air bubbling jets or water jets to remove detergent and dirt from parts. According to cleanliness level requirements, additional rinse steps can also be added to the line in reverse cascade arrangement. Pure demineralised water at the final rinsing stage will allow the highest quality results.

Following the rinsing stage, a passivation agents bath can be incorporated into the line to protect parts against corrosion. Cleensonic offer a complete range of these products, with different models suitable for different materials.

Finally, the hot air cyclone chamber quickly and efficiently removes water from the cleaned parts. The dryer’s thermal insulation ensures the lowest electrical consumption possible.

This multistage layout allows easy parts handling by using overhead cranes, custom automated manipulation systems or robotised systems. Customised baskets can be used to ensure perfect integration at the customer manufacturing or maintenance process.

These flexible systems range from 100l to 15,000l tank capacity at each stage and are ideal for repetitive cleaning.

Leading ultrasonic cleaning technology

In order to clean with ultrasonic systems, the piece is submerged within flowing water. High-frequency sound waves are then transmitted via transducers. These ultrasonic waves produce cavitation, in which millions of gas bubbles are generated into the liquid and compressed until they implode, releasing high amounts of energy.

This energy hits the surface dirt, grease or carbon dust and removes it in a non-abrasive process, cleaning valuable industrial parts with no damage. The result is a micro-brushing phenomenon which cleans the treated pieces. Gas bubbles will penetrate into every orifice, making ultrasonic cleaning the optimal system for highly complex components made from any kind of material.

About Cleensonic

After 20 years of experience across a range of industries, Cleensonic truly understands the importance of tailor-made power ultrasonic systems solutions for all types of industries, including mining, earthmoving, rail, automotive, marine, remanufacturing and food processing.

Based in Queensland, Australia, Cleensonic supplies both industrial size and laboratory small ultrasonic cleaning machines. The company is changing today’s industry by making precision cleaning, rinsing and drying processes safer, faster, less expensive and more effective.

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