For many visitors to Japan, souvenir shopping means getting their hands on Kit Kat, which are greatly popular in the country, known for their unusual and stand out flavors and designs.

Available in over 300 different flavors, choosing a Kit Kat to take back home as a souvenir can prove to be a challenge, often turning to be very time-consuming and sometimes impossible to decide. This is where Travel Memories Kit Kat comes into place.

Located inside the Omiyage Kaido (Souvenir Highway) JR Kyoto Standing building, this unique vending machine offers a fast-to-use, personalized service, which gives consumers the opportunity to print a photo of their choice straight from their phone onto the package of an Uji matcha green tea flavored box of Kit Kats.  Making it even more appealing and personal to consumers is the postcard designed packaging on the back of the product, allowing consumers to share their experience with loved ones through the post.

This eye-catching and interactive service is only available for a limited time, running from November 2nd until mid-April next year. Nestle has strategically decided to run Travel Memories Kit Kat campaign in Kyoto during this timeframe, as the old capital is a popular tourist destination during its “momiji” autumn leaves season and spring time, when the picturesque sakura cherry blossom trees attract visitors from all around the world.

Following the footsteps of 2010’s Choco Lobo campaign, which encouraged consumers to personalize their KitKats using their photos, Travel Memories Kit Kat is expected to be equally successful.

According to GlobalData’s 2016 Q3 global consumer survey, this type of interactive approach will resonate well with 45% of Japanese consumers, who perceive products they have helped to create as more favorable/significantly more favourable, indicating the demand and also opportunity for brands to facilitate greater consumer-product engagement.

Once again Kit Kat Japan proves that emotionally connecting with the customer beyond the product is essential for brands to stay relevant in today’s ever changing consumer landscape.