One year following the success of Kellogg’s first cereal café launch on New York’s Times Square the company opened doors to a new, bigger, and more Millennial-friendly cereal café on New York City’s Union Square this Thursday. Reaching out to consumers in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties the Kellogg’s Café designed with the Millennial consumer in mind offers free Wi-Fi, 65-inch TVs, card and board games, vending machines and an Instagram station with props and a photogenic set for social media aficionados.

In a bid to appeal and attract consumers in their 20s and 30s known to favour healthier breakfast alternatives such as superfood acai bowls and overnight oats as opposed to sugary cereals, Kellogg’s strategy revolves around making eating cereal a fun, unique and Instagram worthy experience.

Offering a DIY cereal bar which will have more than 30 different toppings such as nuts, candied orange peel, matcha powder, and yellow cake mix Kellogg’s addresses consumers’ desire to create their own bowl of cereals to their individual taste. In addition, the affordable price tags of $1.50 for a plain bowl of cereal and $4 for unlimited toppings will lure in value-seeking millennials.

According to GlobalData’s 2016 Q3 global consumer survey, 4 in five (80%) Americans aged 25-34yrs say they often or sometimes try new or different varieties of cereal and cereal bars, indicating the promising potential that this café cereal concept offers to try new cereal products in novel and interactive ways.

To understand its target audience, Kellogg’s also paired with designer, foodie and lifestyle expert Lauren Conrad to create some inventive menu items. Conrad’s Make Me Blush breakfast menu incorporates Rice Krispies, strawberries, strawberry powder, champagne gummy bears, and strawberry milk making it an Instagram worthy breakfast.

Overall Kellogg’s focus on creating a unique experience looking beyond the product is something which cereal brands should explore in order to stay relevant with today’s fast-changing consumer needs and innovation-driven foodie culture.

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