Consumers are becoming more keen to try new things, and surprising new dairy products are being launched to meet this demand.

Be it new textures, fusions of two existing flavours (Primo x TipTop’s gumdrop/ice cream flavoured milk; Milka and Philadelphia’s cheese and chocolate spread) or novel spices (Xi’an Dongfang Milk Industry’s Charcoal Roasted Milk; Zuo’s spicy drinkable yoghurt), companies are exploring a wide variety of dairy combinations.

This is in line with consumers’ wants and needs, as consumers are keen to explore dairy varieties and be kept on their toes – more so now, than 3 years ago.

According to Globaldata’s 2018 Q4 consumer survey, 83% of the global population say they “often” or “sometimes” try new and different varieties of dairy. This stands in contrast to the 71% of people globally who said the same across different types of dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt) in GlobalData’s 2016 Q3 consumer survey.

With a 12 percentage point increase across the 2 years, the data supports the idea that now is an ideal time to become more experimental with innovative dairy products launches.

Poll: How frequently do you try new or different varieties of dairy products?

Source: GlobalData consumer surveys 2016 Q3 versus 2018 Q4, global average

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