As technology continues to streamline our daily lives, we are becoming increasingly demanding that new food products have the same ease. Unsurprisingly, baking goods are no exception to this following an explosive rise in popularity of shows such as The Great British Bake Off. Driven by this desire for easy and convenient baking kits, we have seen a significant rise in cake-in-a-mug type product launches. These require only a microwave to produce a tasty cake in minutes, with minimal effort. Capitalising on this, both Stork and Dr Oetker have recently launched products within this developing microwavable baking kit sub-trend. Aiming to help consumers make tasty bakery items despite a growing lack of bakery skills, these bakery companies are looking to diversify their portfolios to offer more core convenient microwavable bakery products.

Since easy to bake goods and baking mixes are still relatively niche, many baking companies that have dabbled in this market have taken the relatively safe approach of launching simple flavours such as chocolate or strawberry. In order to further engage consumers, particularly increasingly experimental millennials, producers should employ boundary smashing flavours such as ale in order to catch the attention of younger generations who have been swept away by the recent craft beer trend. Alternatively, utilising ingredient of the moment formulations, such as with avocado, will be popular here and will also tap into the currently dominant health awareness trend. Exploiting these trends will help companies to grow in the long term by using novelty products as a gateway to their other baking products.

Any newly released products should focus on utilising microwaves. It is both a quick and novel way of cooking that can be appealing to the younger generation, as they are leading busier lives and are more willing to try out new experiences. Furthermore whilst the relatively few households will have baking appliances, the vast majority have a microwave.

So, keep an eye on this market, as it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the next milestone that transforms the hearts of the younger generation could be an ale and avocado flavour cupcake mix!