Curiosity is undoubtedly one of the biggest motivators of encouraging consumers to be more ‘experimental’ and try out new or unusual flavour variants. Research from GlobalData’s global primary consumer survey in 2017 Q1 reveals that over half of consumers (53%) who say they like to experiment with new and unusual food flavours stated “curiosity” as the main motivating factor to try new or different varieties.

But brands can find it challenging to push the less adventurous consumers to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with new innovations. Yet there are ways to nudge these consumers to try new flavours and fragrances besides a natural curiosity – for instance, these traditionalists are more driven by recommendations from friends/family and brand trust/familiarity, than their novelty-seeking counterparts.

Although such traditionalists may seem to be highly appealing due to their strong brand/product loyalty, consumer willingness to experiment with novel offerings indicates a higher engagement with the product and brand, a highly desirable trait for a brand in the long term.


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