According to GlobalData’s Q4 2017 global consumer survey, Asia has emerged as the region where consumers are most likely to opt for dairy products when snacking. The findings clearly suggest opportunities to innovate and successfully promote dairy products for snack occasions in the region.

Unlike other meal occasions, snacks are mainly consumed on-the-go. With this in mind, dairy brands should provide dairy products designed for consumption out-of-home.  In recent years, cereals, and particularly granola, have followed the same path, with Asian consumers including them in their daily eating routine but just swapping the consumption occasion. Cereals have become a snack for busy Asian consumers, thanks to slight amendments in formulation, texture and packaging.

Similarly, in positioning milk-based items designated for snack consumption, dairy manufacturers should amend the dairy products’ formulation ensuring the same quality and freshness if stored outside the fridge for long hours. Packaging, as well, should be portable and convenient to facilitate on-the-go consumption. Besides dairy beverages – for example milk-flavored drinks enriched with proteins are often promoted as a suitable and nutritional on-the-go snack – dairy manufacturers still have room to innovate and capitalise on the Asian demand for milk-based snacks.

Consumers who prefer to snack on dairy products, 2017

Source:  GlobalData’s  Q4 2017 global consumer survey

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