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27 March 2017
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DTS Food Assurance - Inspection and Certification Services for Food Products

Health Ingredients China - International Food and Beverage Ingredients Event Organised by UBM, UBM SinoExpo, and CCCMHPIE

Atlantic Coast Crushers - Size Reduction Machinery

Bel-Ray - Lubricants and Grease for the Food and Beverage Industries

Priorclave - Laboratory Autoclaves and Steam Sterilisers, Calibration and Servicing

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Press Releases

Prioclave's Longest-Serving Service Engineer Celebrates 25th Working Anniversary
Priorclave celebrates its service manager Ranjit Rai's 25th working anniversary.

Meet Health Ingredient Industry Professionals
With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, China has one of the world's largest food and beverage markets. The health market has also seen growth in recent years due to rising income, an ageing population, and a rise in food safety consumers.

Quick and Easy Pasteurisation Verification Testing
Milk pasteurisation efficacy is typically monitored by checking for the presence of alkaline phosphatase (ALP), ensuring the product is safe for consumption.

Salmonella Testing Made Fast, Convenient and Accurate
As salmonella bacteria are the most commonly reported cause of foodborne illnesses, never has testing been so important.

Improved Hygiene Standards Achieved for Animal Care and Brand Protection
Everyone expects the highest standards of hygiene to be implemented in any healthcare setting, and the protection of patients, pet owners and staff within veterinary clinics is no different.

White Papers

Facts and Figures from HI China
This whitepaper features facts and figures from last year's HI China event, which took place from 21 June to 23 June, 2016. Considered a huge success, HI China, HNC, CPhI China, and NEX...

Effects of Alternate Mobile Phases on OMNISEC Performance
Gel permeation chromatography (GPC), or size-exclusion chromatography (SEC), is a technique for the characterisation of a wide variety of...

Vinegar Fermentation Monitoring and Control By Using a Gas Analyser System
Semi-continuous vinegar fermentation systems depend on steadily available alcohol in the mash, otherwise the fermentation comes to a...

Cooling Tunnel Solution
The vast majority of confectionery products are cooled in a tunnel during their production....

Cutting-Edge Pumping and Mixing Solutions for the Food Processing Industry
Sulzer's global delivery and customer service network, which includes a network of advanced service and parts processing centres, provides qualified services for the entire product...


Kidulthood: the twenty-somethings using whimsical food to escape from life's problems
The 'kidult' trend is rapidly expanding within the food sector. At IFE 2017 Dr Morgaine Gaye discussed the generation using fun and whimsy to escape from the terrors of today. Elliot Gardner finds out more.

The Grocery Code Adjudicator: protecting suppliers from supermarket abuse
The office Grocery Code Adjudicator has recently announced their 2017 GCA Survey hoping to gather important information from the suppliers to supermarkets. In light of this, Elliot Gardner looks into the issues dealt with by the GCA and how the role represents suppliers’ interests.

February’s top stories: Cargill’s Shady Brook Farms brand, Freedom Foods and Seamild partnership
Cargill announced that its Shady Brook Farms brand met Certified Responsible Antibiotic Use standards in the US, and Freedom Foods partnered with Seamild Group in China. Foodprocessing-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from February.

Unlocking a genome: how quinoa could change the world for the better
A team at King Abdullah University in Saudi Arabia have produced the first high-quality gene sequence for quinoa. But is the focus of the west’s latest diet fad truly the answer to the world’s food problems?

Five years of growth within the organic produce market
The Soil Association has announced the fifth year of consecutive growth within the organic products market in its Organic Market 2017 report. Elliot Gardner finds out how the sector is changing and why more consumers are opting for organic goods.


PureCircle Stevia Plant Expansion
PureCircle has completed an expansion of its production plant located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Clemens Food Group’s Pork Processing Facility, Michigan
Based in Pennsylvania, US, Clemens Food Group has announced plans to invest $255.7m in a pork processing plant in Coldwater Township, Michigan.

The J.M. Smucker Company's® Uncrustables® Sandwiches Manufacturing Plant, Longmont, Colorado
The J.M. Smucker Company announced in January 2017, its plans to build a new sandwiches manufacturing plant in Longmont, Colorado, US.

Nestle Purina Wet Food Factory, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nestlé's subsidiary Nestlé Purina has opened a new manufacturing plant in Ribeirão Preto, Sao Paulo.

Roquette Pea Protein Manufacturing Plant, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Food ingredients maker Roquette has announced its plans to build a new pea protein production plant in Portage la Prairie, Canada.

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