Tetra Pak launches high-shear mixer for ingredient mixing in food processing

Tetra Pak has introduced the new R370-1000D high-shear inline mixer, which is designed to deliver improved ingredient mixing performance with reduced operating costs.

The new R370-1000D is integrated with a built-in deaerating system, a flexible powder introduction system and a newly designed mixing head.

It is claimed to deliver finer, consistent and more stable emulsion while eliminating the process of downstream homogenisation, which is considered as a highly energy-intensive step in food processing.

“We developed this revolutionary new design in direct response to customer needs."

Tetra Pak processing systems executive vice-president Monica Gimre said: “We developed this revolutionary new design in direct response to customer needs.

“A complete break with the status quo, our new mixer streamlines production steps, reduces investment needs, lowers costs and sets a new benchmark for the industry.”

It has the ability to handle ingredients with up to 65% dry matter, which is usually used for the production of infant formulas, thereby eliminating the need for evaporation.

Tetra Pak claims that the mixing machine is capable of producing at a capacity of up to 30,000l/h and is suitable for producing liquid dairy and beverages, ice cream and prepared food, as well as for most pre-mixing needs in food manufacturing.

Tetra Pak currently holds a number of patents and pending patents for its R370-1000D high-shear mixer.