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Preserving Meats and Sausage Through High-Pressure Processing

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High Pressure processing (HPP) influences the myoglobin in raw meat, which then changes colour when pressure is applied.

However, pressure does not influence the colour, structure and vitamins of processed meat in the same way boiling, cooking, or pickling products as the properties remain unaltered.

In addition, microscopical tests show that the germs are reduced distinctly. Meat treated this way meets benchmarks issued by the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM).

HPP processing is optimally appropriate for the extension of sausage and ham shelf life, ensuring detrimental germs are denaturised. This applies to both cold cuts and piece goods. Even today, many meat processors worldwide apply HPP to gently and safely process their products being worth several billions of Euros.

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