Maintenance Efficiency Consultation and Implementatiom Services for Food Processing Plants

Maintenance consultancy services

IDCON provides maintenance consultancy services to the food processing industry. The company trains and supports clients to improve production reliability and reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Maintenance audits and process implementation are provided as part of IDCON's service, which includes planning and scheduling, root cause analysis, preventive work, and spare parts management.

Improving efficiency of maintenance strategies in the food processing industry

To help improve food processing plant system reliability and reduce downtime, IDCON helps teach current best practice (CBP) techniques, rather than just focusing on equipment. The company teaches operations and maintenance strategies, which it has developed based on its previous experience with more than 300 organisations.

In a reliability and maintenance benchmarking audit, the performance of a client's plant is compared against the CBP documentation, a collection of around 200 actions designed to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Differences are identified and scored, which allows managers to compare their processes against other companies in order to develop an action plan for the continuous measurement of progress as improvements are implemented.

There are nine key processes comprising the reliability and maintenance assessment, which includes leadership and organisation, materials management, facilities, technical databases, and scheduling.

Maintenance planning and scheduling

Maintenance planning and scheduling is one of the key work management processes included in IDCON's reliability and maintenance audit. The company's method is to employ customised, formal training and on the job training to improve the skills of planners and schedulers. Combined with a preventative maintenance programme and an up-to-date bill of materials, better work management improves prodictivity and decreases downtime.

Typical activities suggested to improve maintenance planning and scheduling include defining roles and responsibilities, review of existing workflows, backlog management, shutdown and turnaround reviews, as well as effective use of computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS).

Root cause analysis and preventative maintenance implementation

In addition to training and consultation, IDCON provides implementation support services. The company's consultants assist with setting up and documenting preventative maintenance processes, while customised training in essential care and inspection techniques teaches why and how these valuable processes work.

Root cause analysis complements IDCON's preventative maintenance services, as it identifies problems. In addition, the analysis will help suggest how to practically solve the issues and document the process.

Spare parts management and technical data

IDCON's spare parts management training is designed to help reduce the amount of time supervisors, hourly maintenance personnel, and planners spend on finding parts and materials. The company provides support for implementation strategies, key performance indicators, and a decision model for stocking spare parts.

Development of company leadership and organisation

A plant's reliability and maintenance initiatives require strong leadership. This can be developed by IDCON, helping maintenance leaders develop systems and procedures to establish documented expectations and measured execution through key performance indicators.

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