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Randox Food Diagnostics - Reliable Food Safety Screening

Randox Food Diagnostics is a dedicated company responsible for the distribution of Randox drug residue kits, wine testing kits and analysers worldwide. Randox Food Diagnostics incorporates several market-related products dedicated to the food, wine and beverage industries.

Randox Food Diagnostics offers a wide range of food testing products that provide an excellent range of screening tools for detection of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones and drugs of abuse in animals and foodstuffs. The Randox Food Diagnostics portfolio includes 28 ELISAs and eight multiplex screening platforms. All products are manufactured at a state-of-the-art ISO 13485 accredited manufacturing plant in the UK.

Multi-analyte biochip array technology

Randox Food Diagnostics, using patented Biochip Array technology, offers the world's only multi-analyte semi-quantitative drug residue analyser, the Evidence Investigator.

The technology works by combining a panel of related tests on a single biochip with a single set of reagents. Only one single undivided sample is used. Sample matrices that can be tested include honey, feed, milk, urine and tissue.

Benefits of biochip array technology:

  • Consolidation of testing to provide multiple test results from a single sample
  • No requirement for deuterated standards
  • Less labour (minimal labour costs could be reduced at least five-fold by employing multiplex biochip arrays)
  • Extensive menu of drug residue tests developed
  • Same sample preparation method can be applied across a number of our arrays
  • Higher throughput (45 samples or 675 tests in under two hours)
  • Applicable to multiple matrices

Multi-analyte testing platforms

Randox Food Diagnostics offers an extensive list of testing platforms. Simple sample preparations and excellent limits of detection combine to make these products an impressive multi-analyte testing platform.

Antimicrobial arrays

Antimicrobial I Plus Array allows for the simultaneous detection of 14 of the most commonly abused sulphonamides and trimethoprim in food production and agriculture industries. Sample preparations are available for milk, tissue, honey, urine and feed.

Antimicrobial II Array includes the detection of six classes of antimicrobial compounds: quinolones, ceftiofur, thiamphenicol, streptomycin, tylosin and tetracycline residues can all be detected using this one testing platform. Sample preparations are currently available for honey, milk, tissue, urine and feed.

Antimicrobial III Array provides a testing platform for nitrofuran compounds AOZ, AMOZ, AHD, SEM, and also chloramphenicol. One single sample preparation can be used and sample analysis performed all in one day due to a rapid 2hr derivatisation step. Sample preparations are currently available for honey, shrimp/prawn samples and milk.

Growth promoter arrays

Growth promoter arrays are available as a rapid urine screen, multiple matrix screen and a synthetic steroids array. The use of growth-promoting hormones in livestock production is either prohibited (European Union) or strongly regulated (e.g. the US, Canada and Australia). Compliance with these regulations is monitored by national monitoring programmes.

The testing platforms for each of the growth promoter arrays include the following compounds:

  • ß-Agonists (generic)
  • Boldenone
  • Corticosteroids
  • Nandrolone
  • Ractopamine
  • Stanozolol
  • Stilbenes
  • Trenbolone and Zeranol
  • 17ß-Clostebol
  • Ethinylestradiol
  • Gestagens (generic)
  • Methandriol
  • Methyltestosterone

Anthelmintics array

Randox Food Diagnostics' anthelmintics array can detect 25 analytes in total. The use of anthelmintic drugs can greatly improve livestock production; however, effective monitoring is required to ensure residues are not passed into the human food chain.

The extensive test menu includes avermectins, benzimidazoles, amino -benzimidazoles, levamisole, thiabendazole, moxidectin and triclabendazole.

Wine and beverage testing kits

Randox Food Diagnostics also offers a versatile range of kits for the wine, beverage and fermentation industries. These enable rapid and frequent monitoring of the production process and quality control of raw materials and finished products. Our wine and beverage diagnostic test kit range includes ethanol, acetic acid, ammonia, glucose/fructose, lactic acid, malic acid, potassium and total antioxidant status.

Semi-automated analyser for winery laboratories

Our range of kits will soon be expanding to include NOPA, iron, tartaric acid, citric acid, free and total S02 and glycerol. All kits are run on our RX Monza software. The RX Monza is a compact semi-automated analyser for winery laboratories. Performing tests on this high-performance analyser is easy and straightforward, with simple procedures and onboard step by step instructions.

Benefits of Randox wine and beverage kits:

  • Confidence - as each kit is manufactured to conform with the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 and the Quality System Regulation as set out in Part 820 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Reassurance - collectively Randox Food Diagnostics and Randox Laboratories have 30 years' experience in manufacturing and supplying diagnostic products
  • Innovative testing - each kit is manufactured by a research and development team that specialises in regent manufacture
  • Versatility - wide test menu available on multiple applications for manual, semi-automated and automated analyser use

Contact Details

Randox Food Diagnostics Ltd
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BT29 4QY
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 2894442413
Fax: +44 2894445912

Randox Food Diagnostics offers an extensive range of 28 ELISAs, each of which can be utilised as cost-effective screening tools by both the food testing industry and sporting bodies.
With our Evidence Investigator, Randox Food Diagnostics offers a range of eight multi-analyte screening kits, each of which have the ability to simultaneously detect the multiple analytes from one single sample.
Randox Food Diagnostics’ RX Monza analyser is robust, reliable and requires little maintenance. It is suitable for the wine, beverage and fermentation industries.
Each ELISA offers rapid, simple and accurate detection. The range offered incorporates a wide range of drug classes, including growth promoting hormones, antimicrobials and drugs of abuse.
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