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Life science company Hygiena International specialises in verification systems, which use ATP bioluminescence. Testing systems are used to quickly verify hygiene, quality, and food safety.

Hygiena provides a compact and ready-to-use test device for specific microoranisms, which uses its snap valve technology. The product is also small, portable, and features the newest electronics.

Another solution produced by Hygiena is its basic colour test device, which checks both for product residues and bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella.

ATP hygiene monitoring with luminometers

For more than three decades, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) has been measured to determine cleanliness. This technique has been applied as a food safety test, for compliancy to critical control point (HACCP) cleaning, and for hazard analysis.

System SURE Plus and EnSURE luminometer are self-calibrating machines, which verify ATP levels through prompt objective results.

Luminometers are used for hygiene monitoring and they can be programmed with usernames, test locations and cleaning plans. SureTrend software also enables trends to be analysed.

Handheld ATP technology with a liquid-stable reagent

The ATP systems are most effective when used alongside the UltraSnap, AquaSnap and SuperSnap devices. When combined, the systems deliver optimised precice performance and reproducibility. It is also cost-effective, which has made it a popular system with a number of worldwide government food inspectors and bluechip firms.

Campden BRI and Silliker laboratories have independently verified Hygiena's system, which uses a liquid-stable reagent.

ATP test device Snapshot has a superior reagent capacity and can be combined with a variety of luminometers.

Allergen and immunological tests

Allergen control requires the highest standards of risk-management, as non-compliance could be dangerous for customers. There are many non-specific surface cleaning-verification methods, but Hygiena provides some high-quality and fast-acting products.

High-sensitivity ATP EnSURE and SuperSnap detect low levels of organic residue in seconds. They produce results that equal the most sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests.

AllerSnap is a protein test, which can provide results more quickly than some other dipstick tests. AllerFlow is a lateral-flow immunological test for specific allergens, and it also provides results in minutes. These devices provide simple and convenient solutions.

Same-shift Rapid Bacteria Tests

MicroSnap detects and counts bacteria, using a modified ATP bioluminescence reaction. It can provide results within four to eight hours, detecting low levels of specific bacteria.

The procedure has a two steps and can be used to collect and test surface-swab samples and test liquid suspensions of raw materials and finished products.

MicroSnap tests using the EnSURE luminometer can detect E. coli and Coliforms. These are validated by AOAC. They can also detect enterobacteriaceae and make Total Viable Counts, which are undergoing AOAC validation.

Colour hygiene monitoring

Hygiena's patented colour chemistry tests are quick and easy, as they do not require a device. The test is suitable for large or small manufacturers, and for testing in remote locations. There are two tests available, SpotCheck Plus and ProClean.

SpotCheck Plus detects the presence of glucose and lactose, while ProClean detects protein. Both provide results in one to ten minutes.

Listeria Testing

InSite is an easy-to-use test for fast detection of Listeria bacteria in food processing environments.

The test is specificly made for Listeria, as it focuses on associated antibiotics and chromogenic compounds through use of a liquid media-containing growth enhancer. Results are obtained after an incubation of 24-48 hours. A positive result shows a change in colour from yellow to light brown or black.

Salmonella testing

InSite Salmonella is a test that works on a similar principle to InSite Literia. It is a self-contained test which eliminates the risk of contamination and only requires the use of a small incubator. Results are obtained in 24-48 hours, and a positive result is shown by a colour change from purple to bright yellow.

About Hygiena

Hygiena manufactures and supplies food safety solutions and hygiene monitoring devices worldwide. It has offices in the UK, China, the US, India, the Netherlands, and more than 100 distributors worldwide. It also has research facilities in the UK and the US. The company made a commitment to provide innovative, convenient, simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective tests. It also values its excellent customer service and support.

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