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Advanced Surface Technology for Precision Components

Plastic bottle caps

Oerlikon Balzers is a leading supplier of surface technologies that enhance the performance and durability of precision components and tools used in the metal and plastics processing industries.

These coatings, marketed under the BALINIT® brand, are extremely thin and exceptionally hard, and are designed to significantly reduce friction and wear.

Oerlikon Balzers also develops processes, manufactures and sells systems and production facilities, and offers contract coating services through a network of more than 90 coating centres in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Under the technology brand ePDTM, the company also develops integrated services and solutions for the metallisation of plastic parts with chrome effects.

Plasma-assisted coating processes and thin-film PVD coatings

Friction is a key factor in the performance and service life of precision components used in food processing equipment. As frictional behaviour is mainly determined by the properties of the component surface, it is important to use a surface treatment method that will improve wear and corrosion resistance and thereby reduce friction.

Oerlikon Balzers' plasma-assisted coating processes are a proven method for creating economical, reliable production systems.

Decades of experience in thin-film PVD coatings and the continuous development of client-specific solutions make Oerlikon Balzers the ideal partner in enhancing the performance and service life of precision components and tools in the food processing industry.

Oerlikon Balzers also offers assistance and support in the early development and design phases as well as professional project management, quality management, logistics and processes to meet the needs of mass production.

Coating for sanitary fittings

Ceramic sealing disks, made predominantly from aluminium oxide (Al2O3), have been an industrial standard in sanitary fittings for decades. However, during service, the silicone-based lubrication is constantly consumed until finally the ceramic disks rub against each other giving rise to premature wear.

Consequently, lime and rust deposit easily on worn, lubricant-free surfaces and can thereby lead to leaking fittings or in extreme cases to jamming components. BALINIT DLC coated ceramic sealing disks reduce all these problems to a minimum and substantially increase service life with a range of unique advantages.

Your advantages with BALINIT DLC coated ceramic sealing disks:

  • Excellent sliding behaviour against Al2O3 without the need for lubricating grease
  • Outstanding resistance against premature wear
  • Improved resistance against lime and rust deposition
  • Consistent low actuation forces over the whole, extended service life of the component
  • A significant contribution to saving water due to a reduced risk of leaking fittings

Coating for cam drives in can-forming machines

Very great forces must be transmitted in can-forming machines, and so cam drives are used. The low speed of motion means that no adequate lubricant film can form, and the surfaces have a tendency to scuff. WC/C coating of the rollers has produced a significant increase in the service life of the cam drive.

BALINIT C wins the comparison test by a clear margin: the values and time variation of load and velocity in cam drives imply poor lubrication conditions and a danger of excessive wear. In the search for a better solution, pairings involving hardened steel, ceramic (Si3N4) and hardened steel with PVD coating were compared. By far the best results came about when one or both rollers were coated with BALINIT C.

Ejectors for plastic moulds

Sliding elements such as ejectors, gates and cores in injection moulding machines are effectively protected against wear and scuffing by BALINIT C. The coating is a must when the end product is not permitted to come into contact with lubricants and mould release agents because they would contaminate it. By virtue of its anti-adhesion properties, BALINIT also reduces the adhesion of molten stock to screw tips, back-flow valves, nozzles and shut-off needles.

Threaded cores for PET bottle caps

Lubricants and mould-release agents must not be employed in the injection moulding of caps for food processing packaging. With BALINIT-coated cores, the maintenance interval for a 30-cavity mould can be extended from one week to over eight months. Reliable remoulding and a 10% shorter cycle time result in a 20% gain in productivity.

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