Fluid Control Systems

Measurement and control of fluids: when it comes to working with liquids and gases, we are at your side - as a manufacturer of sophisticated process control products such as process valves, sensors and controllers, and as a problem-solver with an eye for the big picture and as a partner offering you reliable advice.

Customised fluid control products for the food and beverage industry

Through Burkert's customer-oriented application approach we have developed our knowledge and brought together an extended portfolio allowing us to offer our customers a more comprehensive and attuned range of customised products and system solutions.

With Burkert's 35 international subsidiary offices and global distribution network you are even closer to us. Our strong brand focuses our energies within the food and beverage arena; we are leaders in research and development, production capacity, knowledge transfer and especially customer service and support.

Liquid and gas measurement and control systems

In food and beverage processing, the measuring and controlling of liquids and gases demands superior instrument performance and networkability; the equipment used has to interface seamlessly. The overall mechanical process connectivity is equally as important for maintaining sterile conditions as well as optimisation of plant performance and process security.

Standard connectivity with modular, decentralised monitoring, intelligence and diagnostics are the platform for flow control networks which provide reliable productivity data from your plant level network.

Burkert gives you proven reliability, superior accuracy and virtually maintenance-free service, ensuring that we deliver unsurpassed total performance in the form of complete flow control loop systems.

Examples of our food and beverage application expertise include: filtration, fluid flow matrix, heat exchangers, jacket control, sterilisers and autoclaves, fermentation, clean in place, steam in place, filling and batching.

Process automation concept for food and beverage manufacturing

There is more than just one good solution for process automation. This is especially true of the food and beverage industry, where Burkert specialises as a leading manufacturer of fluid technology.

Whether you prefer centralised or decentralised pneumatic control for your process and no matter which automation solution fits best to your food and beverage application, Burkert offers the matching concept. The right concept for you can only be developed based on your specific needs. Burkert offers three different approaches to automation, all of which are equally important:

Control heads, positioners and process controllers for decentralised automation

Burkert presents a wide range of 'on-board' control heads, positioners and process controllers, which have been specially optimised for the decentralised automation of pneumatically controlled hygienic process valves. For example, the control head 8681 can be married with all commercially available valve types such as butterfly valves, ball valves, single and double seat valves, making it a universal standard solution for automating the complete process installation.

Central control cabinet solution

Burkert offers the widest range of equipment to actuate, monitor, network, position and decentralise process control into the field. In Burkert's central control cabinet solution, each component is the product of cross functional mechanical and electrical engineering innovation and exacting laboratory testing. Each of the pneumatic building blocks is ready to be included in your complete automation strategy.

AirLINE Quick automation system

The smart, compact AirLINE Quick solution reduces component count, installation time and cabinet size whilst giving you the freedom, when combined with a stainless-steel hygienic EHEDG design, to locate the compact field control box right in the process area. This shortens the distance to the process valves saving time, money and stress.

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