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Proving, baking, toasting, drying, and cooling technologies

Spooner Industries has provided pioneering technology and bespoke solutions in proving, baking, toasting, drying and cooling for almost 80 years, for a diverse range of food products including bread, biscuits, cereals, pies, confectionery, pastry, pet foods, fast foods and ingredients.

Food systems are tailor-made to suit each individual customer's food process requirements, production demands and space restrictions. Spooner bakery equipment includes provers / proofers, ovens, dryers, toasters, coolers, process controls and air conditioning systems.

Turnkey services for bakery plants

Spooner provides turnkey solutions and project management from the initial bakery plant design through to delivery, installation and commissioning. A pilot facility is available at the UK head office for all testing, trials and product development. The test centre contains a three-section travelling oven which has independent circulating air temperature control in each section; each section has four nozzle chambers in which the circulating air flow can be adjusted using dampers. This flexibility allows the baking profile to be altered for a particular product to quickly compare the effect of different oven settings, optimise bake times and improve product quality.

Pre-bake equipment includes a large-capacity planetary-mixer with various attachments and a free-standing prover with adjustable air temperature and humidity. Other equipment includes a chiller cabinet which can operate down to temperatures of -25°C. A wide range of products have been run on this machine, from standard tinned bread products to cakes, biscuits and pies. It is common for the pilot machine to be adapted for a customer's specific process using internally manufactured test-rigs or other suppliers' equipment. The pilot machines are operated by our highly skilled and knowledgeable test centre staff.


Custom-designed Spooner provers / proofers create the optimum proving environment in the best configuration for your plant. All Spooner provers incorporate the Spooner airflow system to ensure even temperature, humidity and airflow throughout.

Spooner offers a range of prover types to suit the product and plant layout, including tunnel, box type, 'L' type, 'T' type or a hybrid of any combination to suit your process needs and floor space available.

Industrial ovens

Spooner industrial travelling ovens are currently operating in a diverse range of food processes all over the world, with some industrial tunnel ovens reported as still achieving maximum efficiency even though they are over 40 years old. With a Spooner oven you get a quality machine that is built to last. Solid band, stone bake, brattice slat, slat and mesh type conveyors are provided.

Industrial coolers

Spooner industrial food coolers are custom built to meet the requirements of your process.

Coolers can use ambient or chilled air, or a combination, to achieve the correct product exit temperature. Air systems can be all-in/all-out or re-circulating with the proportion of re-circulation and fresh air controlled to maintain the correct cooling air temperature.

Industrial toasters

The Spooner toaster design offers forced convection technology for even toasting of a range of food products, including speciality breads and coated foods.

Spooner toasters provide a number of benefits over existing systems available in the market, including:

  • Very high heat transfer co-efficient for compact installations
  • Improved product quality compared to infra-red applications, offering even toasting of a variety of products
  • Fully safe system, with no glass as may be present on infra-red systems

PLC controls for industrial ovens

The heat level in each section can be individually controlled, allowing different temperature gradients, depending upon the product being processed.

  • Adjustable top and bottom baker damper controls regulate the airflow and therefore the quantity of baking heat
  • Airflow can also be diverted within each oven section

The exhaust damper fully opens during ignition until the burner flame is safely established. It then automatically closes to a pre-determined position, which can be set manually to suit product requirements.

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