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Liquid Removal and Recovery Machinery

REYCO Systems is a leading supplier of industrial equipment to the food processing industry. We manufacture well known liquid removal and recovery machinery including WaterVac® and DynaVac™ units as well as Oil Miser® systems. We custom design and manufacture air make-up units (AMUs) including HEPA filtration and ultraviolet decontamination systems.

Pneumatic conveying and waste systems

Our pneumatic conveying systems are specially designed to gently convey fragile food products without damage, whilst our state-of-the-art pneumatic waste systems are engineered to thrive in the demanding environments of the fresh-cut and bagged salad industries.

UVC decontamination equipment

Our recently introduced line of ultraviolet (UVC) decontamination equipment provides an inexpensive way to protect against product contamination prior to packaging.

Pre-freezing liquid removal equipment

REYCO WaterVac® and DynaVac systems gently remove water from products prior to freezing, heated drying, or packaging lines, providing a higher quality finished product whilst reducing energy costs in freezers and dryers.

Additionally, we help to reduce storage costs associated with freezing excess water in product totes and packages. The addition of a REYCO water removal system will also increase the up-time between freezer defrosting.

Finally, expensive liquids can be removed and recovered, as in the case of fruit or vegetable treatments prior to packaging.

Oil Miser® – non-transfat oil recovery system

This product has become standard in the processed potato industry on nearly every French fry line around the world. Improvements to the oil recovery of non-transfat oils continue to drive placements on other production lines including snacks and tortillas.

Air make-up units

REYCO specializes in custom-designed AMUs for food processing facilities. Our company has historically provided AMUs to French fry and similar food plants where the levels of smoke, steam, and oil-laden air make for some of the roughest conditions to maintain high air quality.

We incorporate natural gas and electric heating as well as evaporative cooling, with HEPA filtration and ultraviolet (UVC) decontamination to eliminate bacteria, mould, and yeast contamination. REYCO works with your refrigeration contractors to provide clean air where you want it and when you need it in your facility.

Fragile food pneumatic conveying systems

REYCO is the only company offering custom engineered pneumatic conveying (vacuum) systems specifically designed to gently handle fragile food products in a processing environment.

Applications include apple dices, cranberries, pork rinds, blanched potatoes, fresh vegetables, cereals, raisins, and numerous other products, including difficult-to-convey materials and products where cross-contamination of allergens can be an issue.

Pneumatic conveyors provide a closed-loop system where you are certain that whatever enters the in-feed will find its way to the discharge end of the equipment.

REYCO also designs pneumatic waste systems for a variety of processors, in particular the fresh-cut fruit and vegetable industry. REYCO is a standard in the industry and can be found in over 80% of the fresh-cut facilities across the United States.

UVC decontamination systems

REYCO recently began to offer ultraviolet (UVC) decontamination systems for food products, in-plant air systems, refrigeration coils, and processing equipment. REYCO incorporates Steril-Aire™ brand UVC Emitters™ into their food processing equipment and custom design systems to provide specific energy treatments.

These UVC Emitters™ are food grade, shatter-resistant and have been approved for use by the FDA and USDA in food facilities. UVC is scientifically proven to disrupt the DNA or RNA structure of virus, bacteria, mould, and yeast.

UVC will kill harmful microbes including salmonella, listeria, E-coli, staphylococcus, coliform, and other organisms. It is safe to use, leaves no residue and will not chemically alter food products.

UVC energy does not penetrate the surface of food products, so it does not require irradiation labelling and has been approved for use in organic applications.

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UVC Emitter Hood 13 August 2015 REYCO Systems can custom design UVC hoods using Steril-Aire shatter resistant, plastic sheathed UVC emitters for specific applications.