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Freeze Drying Machines

Cuddon Freeze Dry designs and manufactures turnkey, quality-assured batch freeze drying machines with capacities ranging from 5.5kg pilot freeze dryers to 1,500kg commercial freeze dry machines. With hundreds of freeze dryers installed worldwide and more than 40 years of experience, Cuddon's freeze drying equipment is used in a wide range of industries across the world.

Pilot-scale freeze dryer

The FD5.5 is the smallest freeze dryer produced by Cuddon Freeze Dry, and is a popular pilot-scale model often used for research and development in laboratories or larger commercial operations.

The FD5.5 is lightweight, totally enclosed, vertical in design, and is mounted on castor wheels to enable easy manoeuvrability. The small footprint of the FD5.5 freeze dryer requires a minimum space of only 900mm (W) x 900mm (D) x 2,000mm (H).

General-purpose freeze dryer

The FD18 general-purpose freeze dryer was designed after consideration of the factors necessary for food freeze-drying techniques. The FD18 is a popular R&D machine and is used extensively in universities and research institutes or where high-value low-volume products need specialised drying.

Freeze dry equipment

Cuddon's FD80 general-purpose freeze dry equipment has an 80kg ice capacity and 9m² shelf area, and is capable of drying a variety of biological, pharmaceutical, nutritional and general food products.

Unless otherwise specified, Cuddon Freeze Dry equipment sales include CIF freight to your nearest international seaport, installation / commissioning / staff-training by Cuddon engineers, and a full 12-month warranty.

Commercial freeze dryers

The Cuddon FD300 is the first in our range of industrial freeze dry machines, designed specifically for larger-scale commercial use. The FD300 is capable of drying most products using a proven 24-hour drying cycle.

Industrial freeze drying machines

Cuddon's FD600 industrial freeze drying machine has a 600kg ice capacity, a 58m² shelf area and doors at both ends, both with viewing ports. This freeze drying machine is ideal for commercial applications, such as food processing.

The FD1000 is an industrial freeze dryer with a 1,000kg ice capacity, 103m² shelf area and doors at both ends. This freeze drying machine is ideal for large-scale, commercial freeze drying applications, such as food processing.

The FD1500 freeze dryer is the largest of our industrial freeze dryers and has a 1,500kg ice capacity, a 137m² shelf area and doors at both ends, both with observation ports. This industrial freeze dryer is ideal for large-scale commercial freeze drying applications.

Freeze dryers for freeze-dried food

Cuddon freeze dryers are very popular in the production of freeze-dried products, including food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical ingredients, biologicals, and high-value extracts including heat-sensitive ingredients. Types of freeze-dried food include fruit juices, instant foods such as noodles containing vegetables, ready-meals and freeze-dried fruit for breakfast cereals.

A range of other food products are freeze dried for use in nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. Examples include:

  • Seafood such as mussels to gain Lyprinol
  • Extracts from fruit to isolate Proanthocyanidins
  • Extracts from cows' milk such as high-value proteins and colostrums

Cuddon Freeze Dry's batch-tray freeze dryers are particularly suited to the production of high-quality product. Cuddon can customise particular client needs to produce a cost-effective drying solution.

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FD600 14 March 2016 FD600 features two shelf modules and a vapour condenser that are contained inside the chamber.


FD300 14 March 2016 FD300's chamber, door, hinges, shelf modules, trays and vapour condenser is constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel.