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Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP) and Absorption Chillers

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AGO AG Energie + Anlagen provides a range of industrial combined heat and power plants (CHP), and chillers to help clients reduce operating costs and improve environmental footprints. We specialise in engineering, planning and building of co-generation and tri-generation plants for food processing industries such as dairies, meat processing companies, food and juice processing, breweries and cold storage logistics.

Absorption chillers for temperatures below 0°C

Economic conditions for industrial and agricultural cooling have changed considerably over the years. Electricity tariffs are rising constantly, and with heat being available from combined heat and power generation, absorption chillers that use heat instead of electricity are becoming more economically favourable.

ago Congelo® is an ammonia / water (NH3 / H2O) absorption chiller that enables cooling outlet temperatures as low as -30°C. Waste heat, which accumulates during industrial processes or through electricity generation by means of a gas motor or gas turbine, is needed to operate the absorption process.

Compared to reciprocating compression chillers, the electricity demand for this system is only marginal.

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants

CHP plants contribute to a reduction of the user's energy costs due to a higher efficiency compared to the separate generation of electricity. At the same time, CHP plants reduce emissions and preserve energy resources.

With more than 300 CHP plants of different makes and performance levels installed, AGO has gained a great deal of experience over the past few years. The company has profound knowledge of all common fuels including natural gas, fuel oil, biogas, oil and wood chips.

CHP plants can be used in a range of applications from public utility companies feeding heat into district heat networks, to industrial production facilities having the simultaneous need for heat and power. They can also be used in hospitals, sewage plants and biogas plants.

AGO AG also offers electricity generation via gas, steam or organic rankine cycle (ORC) turbine systems. The company's aim is to achieve reliable energy supply, a high-overall efficiency and short return on investment periods.

Steam and hot water boiler systems

AGO AG is a full service provider for the erection of boiler plants for steam generation and hot-water supply, including all of the equipment components required to ensure a safe and energy-efficient operation.

The plants constructed by AGO achieve heat outputs of between 1,000kW and 50,000kW. The pressures for hot-water systems reach up to 25bar, and for steam-generating systems up to 54bar at 450°C.

The scope of performance provided by AGO AG includes all permissions, such as certificates, HP0 approvals and specialised welding requirements.

Industrial cooling technology

AGO AG offers efficient process cooling systems, ranging from small installations to large industrial plants. Customers include medium-sized production companies, as well as businesses from the high-tech sector.

Depending on the client's requirements, AGO AG can provide water chillers in screw-type, turbo, and absorption varieties. AGO AG industrial cooling technology can be used in data centres, the automobile industry and cooling applications in food processing facilities.

About AGO AG Energie + Anlagen

AGO AG Energie + Anlagen has provided leadership and innovation in engineering efficient energy plants for different industries and municipalities over more than 35 years.

The company specialises in engineering concepts that are customised to clients exact wishes and requirements, from feasibility studies to project planning, project management, installation, commissioning and servicing.

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