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Water-Efficient Cleaning Systems

Euro Pumps designs, manufactures and supplies water-efficient cleaning systems. Our systems are specifically designed for abattoirs, as well as the horticulture and food processing industries. Our 20 years of practical experience has allowed us to perfect our cleaning systems and create products that deliver high-quality cleaning that is also quick and water-efficient.

Euro Pumps offers the following products and services:

  • Cleaning in place (CIP) systems
  • Tub and crate washing systems
  • Fryer and oven cleaning systems
  • Spiral freezer belt CIP system
  • Contract cleaning
  • Training and consulting services

Euro Pumps considers the whole cleaning cycle, time allowances, water use, pumps and equipment, in addition to staffing and training to ensure that you are getting the best and most efficient results from your current cleaning arrangement.

Cleaning in place (CIP) systems

Euro Pumps creates and supplies automated cleaning systems for abattoir equipment, such as evisceration tables and associated equipment, which save substantial amounts of water.

Tub and crate washing systems

Euro Pumps manufactures a labour-efficient washing system, which is suitable for tubs, crates, trays and cutting boards. The system uses less effort, chemicals and water while delivering an export-standard clean.

Our team of skilled technicians provides all the necessary training and support to ensure that you get the best results from your system.

Fryer and oven cleaning systems

Euro Pumps fryer cleaning equipment cleans away fat and harsh build-up with a reduced amount of caustic soda, producing a more impressive clean.

The oven cleaning system can easily be fitted to any industrial oven to assist the factory-standard CIP systems, and provides the extra assurance that the cleaning quality meets AQIS and export standards.

Spiral freezer belt CIP system

Euro Pumps produces spiral freezer belts that leverage the power and efficiency of our pumps and software to ensure the highest quality clean.

The belt is fitted to spiral freezers to assist the factory-standard CIP system and ensures a thorough cleaning, even with greasy items or products that contain small pieces, which normally require very labour-intensive cleaning procedures.

Contract cleaning

Euro Pumps can carry out contract cleaning for facilities that require the highest quality clean in the shortest amount of time. We guarantee export-quality cleaning with every single cycle, while saving significant amounts of water.

We are always improving our systems and processes to ensure we deliver the best quality clean in the market, while still being the most water and chemical efficient programme available. Years of hands-on cleaning experience has prepared us to deal with even the toughest jobs.

Training and consulting services

Euro Pumps can create a tailor-made a complete cleaning package to suit different budgets and needs.

Our process improvement programme includes a minimum of two on-site cleaning shifts. This allows us to fully assess the existing programme, understanding and measuring the water and chemical usage, as well as the labour units being used on each task throughout the facility.

About Euro Pumps

We have been developing specialised cleaning system since 1993. We initially focused on creating oven-cleanng equipment to provide an improved level of cleanliness in comparison with regular CIP systems. By 2000, we had developed high-efficiency means to clean entire industrial kitchens, including belts, ovens, steam chambers and meat pumps.

Our experience as an industrial contract cleaning company has enabled our in-house engineers to provide custom-built solutions that clean to AQIS and export standards, while reducing the size of cleaning crews, increasing productivity by minimising cleaning time between production runs, as well as optimising water, power and chemical savings.

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